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The Moffett Code

  • We will put forth our best effort.
  • We will be fair with each other.
  • We will take care of ourselves, each other, and this place.
  • We will respect each other's differences.
  • We will always THINK at the HIGHEST Level.
  • Moffett Mustangs Come To School To Learn!

Moffett Cares Matrix

Moffett Elementary School's Positive Behavior Interventions and Support system is called "The Moffett Way," a research-based, school-wide systems approach to improving school climate and creating a safer and more effective school. The Moffett Way is designed to teach our students the behaviors that we believe will help them be successful both with us on campus and in life. 

By following the principles outlined in our PBIS matrix, our students can earn CARE Tickets and CARE Wristbands for being Considerate, Always safe, showing Respect and Responsibility, and always striving for Excellence. 

We ask our parents to review the Moffett Way at home to reinforce the values we teach daily at school.